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What is a Delivery Spread?

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Are you moving out of Connecticut? Well then you will want to read through this article! When a sales consultant comes to your home to complete an in-home estimate, they will explain a multitude of information and give you a folder of information for you to read through. One specific topic is your delivery spread. But, what exactly is a delivery spread?


Your sales consultant will give you a set of dates that typically range of 1-14 days for your shipment to arrive at your new home. These dates will be on the Bill of Lading and Estimate for Service. When you sign the Bill of Lading, you agree to the dates in the window and are expected to accept the delivery within those dates. The driver or office will call you 12-24 hours to let you know the planned date of your delivery. You may contact Lippincott at anytime to see if we have the date narrowed down for you.


What causes the shipment to take between 1-14 days to be delivered to your new home? There are many factors that go into determining a delivery spread. The three biggest factors are:

  • The distance between your origin and destination
  • The time of year
  • The weight of your shipment


The further the distance you are moving, usually means the longer the spread. Larger shipments are easier to pin point delivery days. Smaller shipments are a little trickier because they allocate for more loads on the truck. This means a driver may have three or four other families that he has to deliver to or pick up in the same shipment spread. For example: If you are moving from Connecticut to Arizona, the truck with belongings may be stopping in Ohio and New Mexico, before arriving in Arizona with your shipment.


It is imperative that you remain flexible during the delivery spread dates, so you are free to accept the delivery on any of those days.  If there are any days in the delivery spread that you will not be able to meet the driver at your destination, always make a backup plan at the time of booking for someone else to meet the driver on those dates. Someone that represents you must be present during the loading and unloading process.



In the rare circumstance your belongings will not be delivered within the delivery spread, Lippincott will do what we can to accommodate you and your family. Our dispatch department will be able to provide you with updates as they occur.

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