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Our team specializes in senior moving services, offering extra care and support throughout the move.

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Welcome to Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut, where we understand the importance of a caring and personalized moving experience. With over 50 years of trusted service, we specialize in addressing the unique needs of senior relocations. Our commitment shines through every aspect of our work, ensuring a move that’s not only smooth but also respectful and dignified. Contact us today for top-tier senior movers in Connecticut!

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Our professionals are just a call away

Senior relocation with dignity and care

When seniors choose Lippincott Van Lines, they can expect a move that considers their comfort and well-being above all else. We respect the emotional and physical aspects of moving at this stage in life, providing a patient and accommodating service. Our team works closely with each client to create a stress-minimized move, ensuring every detail is handled carefully.

Our decades of experience as movers in Connecticut have taught us the importance of a supportive and empathetic approach. We pride ourselves on our ability to ease the transition for seniors into their new homes. Choosing Lippincott means opting for a mover who treats each client like family.

Our streamlined moving process

Our moving process is thorough yet simple to ensure ease for our clients. We start with a personal consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences. Then, we craft a moving plan that includes:

  • Assessing and inventorying items to move
  • Providing a clear and detailed quote
  • Coordinating and communicating the start time for the move
  • Carefully packing your belongings, with special attention to fragile items
  • Loading with precision and care
  • Transporting your items safely to the new location
  • Unloading and unpacking, setting up your new home to your satisfaction

Throughout this process, our team stays in constant communication, so you always know what to expect next. Hiring us is easy. Reach out through our website or call; our friendly staff will guide you through the booking process and offer you a free estimate. We understand the importance of trust, especially in senior moving services. Therefore, we ensure transparency and clarity from the first interaction to the last box unpacked.

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We offer a wide range of services to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Catering to every aspect of your move since 1968

Our suite of solutions caters to every aspect of moving, highlighting our role in Connecticut for over 5 decades. We tailor each moving service to address the special considerations. Here’s what we offer:

  • Local Moves: We ensure a quick and careful relocation within local areas, making the move swift yet comforting.
  • Long Distance Moves: Our team handles all the details for long-distance moves, ensuring everything runs on schedule.
  • International Moves: We plan every step for those moving internationally, providing peace of mind across borders.
  • Residential Moves: No matter the size of your house, your belongings will be transferred without damage.
  • Commercial Moves: We conduct commercial moves with precision, always mindful of minimizing downtime and stress.
  • Storage Solutions: Our secure storage options are available for short or long-term needs.
  • Military Moves: We provide organized and respectful moves for military families, recognizing their unique circumstances.
  • Packing Services: Our full packing solutions mean the best materials and techniques to protect every item.

Each service we offer highlights our dedication to being the trusted senior movers in Connecticut, providing dependable support to families and individuals.

Resolving your inquiries

Our FAQ section is designed to address your questions, providing you with the clarity needed to feel assured throughout the moving process. Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

Q: Do you pack delicate items?
A: Our team is trained to handle your treasures with the utmost care. We use specialized packing materials and techniques to secure delicate items, ensuring they arrive intact.

Q: When should I book the moving company for the best experience?
A: We work with you to find the best moving date. We recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible, but we also accommodate last-minute needs. We aim to find a time that minimizes disruption to your daily life.

Q: How should I prepare for the moving day?
A: We advise sorting your belongings and identifying items of particular importance. If you’re packing alone, start early and pack a little each day. Ensure clear pathways in your home for ease of movement.

Q: What are the pricing and payment procedures?
A: Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees. We provide detailed quotes before the move and offer various convenient payment options. Payment is due at your destination, and we accept bank checks, money orders, credit cards, or cash.

With this information at your fingertips, we aim to empower you to make an informed decision and feel secure in choosing Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut as your senior moving partner.

Making every time for a relocation ideal

Choosing the right time to relocate is crucial. We advise considering factors like weather, personal schedules, and health requirements. Typically, spring and autumn offer moderate weather, making physical movement easier. These seasons are often considered as the best time to move. Yet, we accommodate your timeline, ensuring the move aligns with your life’s pace.

Picture of a forest in autumn
Our senior movers in CT recommend moving during the fall or spring

Ease into your golden years with our compassionate senior moving services

At the end of the day, the right senior movers in Connecticut offer more than just moving solutions – they provide peace of mind. Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut has built a legacy on understanding and meeting the unique needs of our clients during this significant life change. Our promise to you is a moving experience that prioritizes your comfort and respects your cherished memories. Contact our team for unparalleled moving services!

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