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L Leo Caldwell
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14 November 2023

Hats off to their customer service! When we realized we forgot to pack our grandfather clock, they made a special trip just for that. Recommend them all the way!

J Josh Perez
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9 November 2023

Having moved several times over the years, I can confidently say that Lippincott Van Lines is one of the best moving companies in CT. Their pre-move consultation was incredibly thorough, ensuring that even our rare book collection received special care. Kudos to their team!

L Liz Brown
Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut Logo Icon.

1 November 2023

When we mentioned our move would coincide with our son's birthday, the team at Lippincott Van Lines went above and beyond. Not only did they ensure a smooth transition, but they also left a small birthday gift for him at our new place. This personal touch and consideration sets them apart in the moving industry!

K Kate Taylor
Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut Logo Icon.

12 October 2023

Recently used Lippincott Van Lines for our move from Connecticut to Florida, and I can't recommend them enough. Their team showed up at the agreed time, equipped with custom materials to handle our delicate piano and art collection. They did everything swiftly and efficiently. A great moving experience!

M Mark Davis
Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut Logo Icon.

3 September 2023

Lippincott Van Lines team was efficient and professional from start to finish! Made our move stress-free and handled our belongings with the utmost care. I’d definitely recommend them to everyone looking for great movers in CT!

M Mary Shepperd
Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut Logo Icon.

11 July 2023

Our move with Lippincott Van Lines was a game-changer. They utilized an easy packing system, matching each room's items to its designated area in the new house. This attention to detail had us settled in record time, with no mix-ups!

C Caroline Farson
Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut Logo Icon.

7 March 2023

I've always been anxious about moving my glass-blown art pieces. However, the crew from Lippincott Van Lines demonstrated exceptional skill, paying attention on every detail. I was delighted to find each piece intact and beautifully displayed at our new residence.

A Anna Chapman
Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut Logo Icon.

21 February 2023

Impressed with their attention to detail. Even labeled all our boxes, making unpacking in our new home a breeze. Can't thank the team enough!

C Cole Johnson
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23 August 2022

The team was punctual, arriving at the promised time. They expertly packed our antique furniture, ensuring no damage!

K Karen Donaldson
Lippincott Van Lines Connecticut Logo Icon.

10 August 2021

I was initially concerned about moving my extensive vinyl collection, but Lippincott Van Lines proved their expertise. They utilized anti-static packing materials and ensured that each record was packed upright to prevent warping. Arrived at our new loft in perfect condition!

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