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Moving To Smaller Spaces

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When it comes to homes, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

For many, moving into a smaller space offers an abundance of perks, including easy maintenance and less cleaning. A limited floor plan also makes it less tempting to accumulate items and can mean a smaller decorating budget.

Smaller spaces can make for a condensed move, so it’s important to know how best to transport your furniture damage-free. We’ve put together the following tips to help you move into a smaller space.

Measure, measure and measure some more!

The first step to making sure your furniture will fit, is to find out the dimensions and size of each room. Make sure you also measure each piece you are planning on putting in each room. Make a floor plan and map out where everything will go. This will guarantee everything will fit before you move it.

Go Vertical

Less floor space means having less space for tables, bookcases and night stands. While you need some storage for all of your belongings, skipping on some of the bulkier furniture in favor of tall storage, like book cases and shelving, may be the way to go!

Dual Purpose Furniture

Having a kitchen table or ottoman is great if you have room for one, but you could have one with storage space! This will help alleviate some of the clutter we tend to build up.

Purge with reason

Take the time to go through your furniture and items room by room. Figure out what you want to keep and what you want to donate. Remember, just because you are moving to a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you own. Get rid of all items you no longer use. Think about what you really need, and whether or not it fits in the space of your new home.

Reach out to family


If you are worried about giving away an item, see if a relative is interesting in a long-term hold, or even consider gifting it to a loved one. Many younger family members will jump at the chance for new furniture, while older relatives would be happy to take on heirlooms and other older family items.

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