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How to Prepare Electronics for Your Move

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Even though electronics may seem more sturdy than artwork, they have their own vulnerabilities. Even though most electronics have a hard outer casing, they do need attention and preparation just like any other item. Here are some suggestions to keep your electronics safe.

Back Up Important Data and Photos

Make sure to pack your computer and other electronics carefully, so they arrive safely. With this being said,  you should always prepare for the worst, just in case an accident does happen. The most important step to take to save your important files is to download them to an external drive.  This includes pictures, documents, music, and anything you would hate to lose. A great source are thumb drives. If you have cloud, you can backup through DropBox, Shutterfly, or Amazon; if you have Google, you may backup to GoogleDrive and Googlephotos. You may also consider creating additional copies of your files and storing them there, that way if you lose your thumb drive, you’ll still have access to your information.


Choose Appropriate Packing Materials

Make sure you choose your packing materials carefully. You want to make sure your electronics don’t move around in their boxes. You also want each box to stay closed and sturdy during the loading and unloading process. Make sure to use packing tape in favor of cheaper alternatives. packing tape is stronger than ordinary tape, so it should provide additional support.


Use bubble wrap, moving blankets, and other soft linens for padding larger items. Be sure to pad the top, bottom and sides of each box you use. Packing paper is great for this. If you can, pack smaller electronic items in their original packaging. This ensures the items will fit perfectly and there will be less of a chance that the item will move around and break. If necessary, purchase custom foam packaging to replace original packaging.


Disconnect and Dissemble

Although you may enjoy the convenience of having a TV or other device ready to use right out of the box, you might want to think about disassembling your items before you pack them. During the move, small parts may shift, bend, or break away from the device completely. Overheated batteries may leak into parts of your computer or other electronics.


Use your instruction manuals to disconnect, dissemble, and store your device without damaging it. If you threw away your old manual, you may be able to download or reorder a replacement manual online.


Do not store TV screens and monitors flat, or stacked on top of each other. Instead, lean them against a wall and keep them upright throughout the entire move.


Plan for the Climate

Once you’ve disconnected and packed all electronics and parts, think about your trip. Will it be hot, cold, bumpy, or humid? Any of these conditions can affect and compromise the components of your items.


If moisture will be an issue, add silica gel to absorb any condensation. If your trip will be dusty, tape paper over fans and ventilation slits. If heat is an issue, consider keeping the electronics in your car instead of in the moving truck. Some moving companies may offer climate controlled trucks.


Stay Organized

One of the worst things about unpacking electronics is finding a clump of knotted cords. Do yourself a favor by neatly wrapping each cord around itself. Keep all cords and attachments with their original component so you don’t have to guess where it goes when you unpack. You’ll also want to mark electronic boxes as “fragile,” ensuring proper loading and care.

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