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Can Moving With Kids Be Less Painful?

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If you have kids, you have tons of stuff.  From the moment you find out you are expecting, you start acquiring so many things that your house may resemble a baby store. And because you have so many new “things” your house feels like it is swallowing you whole, and you decide to move.  You want more space, a backyard, more storage or another bedroom. Or you may want to be close to family, in a better school district, or are moving for a better job.

Now you have to PACK all of that stuff up and MOVE it while you have a little one who needs your constant attention. Seriously, who wants to move with kids?!?!


1) Forget any past moves. This is a completely different ballgame.  You have KIDS now.  You NEED to have a good and reputable moving company who will be there when they promise, who will do the job you require and not ADD to an already difficult situation.


A good moving company will come and give you a free, no obligation visual estimate that will help you accurately budget for your move.  They will make suggestions for you, like whether they can help you pack, what you can do to simplify the move, and little steps you can take to get ready which will make move day faster and save you stress and money.  And a good moving company will be professional from the first call.


Their movers are reliable, trustworthy people who you would WANT to be touching and moving your most valuable possessions.  They care about your items.  They want to help make the move easy for you.  They make suggestions about where to put items in your smaller new kitchen.


Going above and beyond is what a good moving company will do.  Unfortunately, it is SO hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones or the so-so ones until you have actually worked with them.


Lippincott Van Lines goes above and beyond on EVERY move! From the first phone call to the estimate, and every step along the way, we are there to help you and make everything go smoothly! Below are some tips to help during the process.


2) Get someone to watch your child while you pack and plan the move.  While spending time with your child is your first priority, distractions from them can be challenging and cause you to lose focus. Not to mention how much time you will save without your little helpers.


 3) Consider getting help packing.  Looking at all of your items that need to be packed can be daunting.  Add a toddler who unpacks as you pack, well that’s not fun! Getting help packing is inexpensive and helps prep you for an easier move!


Not only do we sell the packing supplies you will need, but we can pack one room for you or your entire house!


 4) Make sure your child’s bedding is readily accessible (consider moving this yourself) or packing it last in the truck so your child has as few disturbances to their sleeping environment as possible.  Have the crib or bed built first so your child can nap and/or sleep well in their new room.


 5) Consider moving on a Friday so you have all weekend to unpack, get organized and situated before heading back to work / normal life. What I can tell you is that moving is stressful. Moving with kids is more stressful.  So do as many things as possible to defuse stress from your move to make it go as easily as possible!

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