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All you need to know before moving from Simsbury to Farmington

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Planning on moving from Simsbury to Farmington? This transition, while exciting, can come with its share of questions and uncertainties. Whether you’re moving for work, family, or just a change of scenery, understanding the nuances of this specific relocation can make a significant difference in your experience. Find a moving company in CT that will be your trusted sidekick on this journey!

Moving from Simsbury to Farmington – cost of living comparison

When relocating from Simsbury to Farmington, understanding the cost of living differences is crucial. Housing is often the most significant expense. In Simsbury, the median home price hovers around $300,000, while in Farmington, it’s slightly higher, averaging about $320,000. Renters will also notice a difference; average rents in Simsbury are approximately $1,500 per month, compared to Farmington’s $1,650. Groceries are another everyday expense to consider. A basket of basic groceries in Simsbury costs around $50, whereas in Farmington, the same items might cost about $55. This 10% increase can add up over time, impacting your monthly budget.

two co-workers talking about moving from simsbury to farmington
Before moving from Simsbury to Farmington, you need to take a few things into consideration

Transportation costs can vary, too. In terms of public transportation, both cities offer comparable services, but Farmington has more frequent connections to major areas. Utility bills, including electricity, heating, and water, are relatively similar in both cities, averaging around $150 per month. However, Farmington residents might experience slightly higher internet and cable costs, usually around 5-10% more than in Simsbury.

When you’re ready to make the move, choosing the right movers is essential. Searching for movers in Farmington will give you a list of reliable services to help you transition smoothly. Remember, the cost of moving services can vary, so it’s advisable to get a few quotes to compare.

A closer look at Simsbury and Farmington schools

Before moving from Simsbury to Farmington, it’s essential to consider the educational opportunities available for your family. Both towns have reputations for strong school systems, but there are notable differences to be aware of.

Simsbury is known for its excellent public schools. Simsbury High School, for instance, consistently ranks highly for its academic programs and extracurricular activities. The town also boasts several top-rated elementary and middle schools, like Squadron Line Elementary and Henry James Memorial School, known for their dedicated teachers and strong community involvement.

Farmington, on the other hand, offers a slightly different educational landscape. Farmington High School is renowned for its advanced placement courses and robust sports programs. The town also has several specialized programs in its public schools, like the International Baccalaureate program at Farmington High and the STEAM-focused curriculum at West District School. For families considering private education, both towns offer reputable options. Simsbury is home to The Ethel Walker School, a well-known private all-girls school with a strong emphasis on leadership and community service. Farmington counters with Miss Porter’s School, another prestigious all-girls institution with a rich history and a focus on empowering young women.

When it comes to special education services, both towns are well-equipped to support students with diverse learning needs, offering customized educational plans and resources. And if you like Farmington schools and you are ready to move, researching Simsbury CT movers can be beneficial.

two students smiling
Whether you are an aspiring student or a parent of a future student, this transition will be a great decision for your educational background

Simsbury vs. Farmington employment prospects

In Simsbury, the job market is heavily influenced by its proximity to Hartford, a hub for insurance and financial services. Large employers like The Hartford and Travelers offer numerous opportunities, especially for professionals in

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • IT sectors

Additionally, Simsbury’s local economy is supported by small businesses and retail sectors, providing varied job options.

Farmington presents a different scene. It’s home to several large corporations, notably United Technologies, which includes divisions like Otis Elevator and Carrier Corporation, offering roles in engineering, manufacturing, and administrative functions. The health sector is also significant, with UConn Health Center providing a range of healthcare and research positions. Both towns have a growing demand for educational professionals, given their strong school systems. Teachers, administrators, and support staff will find opportunities in both public and private schools.

If you’re self-employed or run a small business, Farmington might offer a slight edge due to its diverse business community and supportive environment for start-ups and entrepreneurs. In contrast, Simsbury’s closer ties to Hartford might be advantageous for those seeking corporate roles or connections to the capital’s business network. As you plan your move, considering opting for professionals, such as furniture movers, can be a practical step. These services not only ease the physical aspect of moving but also offer local insights and networking opportunities.

Exploring neighborhoods when relocating

In Simsbury, one of the most sought-after areas is Weatogue. Known for its picturesque streets and family-friendly atmosphere, Weatogue offers a mix of charming older homes and modern developments. It’s also home to the popular Simsbury Farms Recreation Complex, providing residents with ample outdoor activities. Tariffville, another Simsbury neighborhood, appeals to those seeking a more quaint, village-like setting. With its historic homes and close-knit community feel, Tariffville offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle.

Moving to Farmington, Unionville is a top choice for many. This neighborhood strikes a perfect balance between suburban living and convenience, with easy access to shopping centers and restaurants. Its proximity to the Farmington River also makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Devonwood, in Farmington, is a more upscale area, known for its luxurious homes and beautifully landscaped streets. This neighborhood is particularly attractive to professionals seeking an elegant living environment close to major employment hubs.

Both towns also have neighborhoods that are particularly well-suited for retirees or those seeking quieter lifestyles. In Simsbury, the area around Hopmeadow Street offers serene settings and easy access to local amenities, while in Farmington, the area around Meadow Road is known for its tranquil environment and proximity to golf courses and parks.

a real estate agent showing clients home
Choose a neighborhood based on your personal preferences

Prepare for a smooth journey

Moving from Simsbury to Farmington is a great adventure, but you need to be cautious of many things. We have provided enough evidence on why you should pursue this relocation without anxiety and stress. Read on and start packing your things soon!

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