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8 tips for safely moving your plants

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When it comes to moving your beloved plants, ensuring a smooth and safe transition to their new home is essential! That is something you must do because plants can be sensitive to changes in their environment! So, with careful planning and the right movers like Lippincott Van Lines by your side, you’ll be able to minimize stress and relocate to another location in no time. However, if you are wondering how to properly prepare for the process of moving your plants, you might want to continue reading this text! Here, you’ll discover 8 tips that can help you safely move your place to a new home!

Plan this relocation

Planning is a fundamental step when relocating your plants! Therefore, when getting ready for this move, you need to make a good moving checklist! Also, you need to take the time to research the specific requirements of each plant you intend to move. This knowledge will guide you in selecting an appropriate new location that matches your needs. Additionally, when relocating your plants, you need to consider the timing of the move. Thanks to that, you can schedule your move and hire reliable long distance movers who’ll help you move this item on time. When you take care of that, you can rest knowing you’ll ensure a smoother and less stressful transition for your plants.

A woman moving your plants.
Do whatever you can to make this relocation easier for your green companions!

Find the best time for moving your plants

Aim to schedule the move during periods when the plants are in a dormant or less active growth phase. That part of the year is in early spring or late fall. During these times, plants are less likely to actively put out new growth. But, when selecting the moving date, you should try to avoid moving them somewhere during extreme weather conditions. A warm summer or a freezing winter will be a bad choice because plants can suffer damage and even lose their lives. Also, you need to check the local weather forecast for the days surrounding your move to ensure you pick a time with stable conditions. Thanks to that, you’ll minimize the risk of temperature or weather-related shocks to your plants during transit.

Prepare the new place for your plants

This is very essential to take care of when relocating your plants! So, start by assessing the lighting conditions, temperature levels, and humidity of the new environment to ensure they align with the needs of your specific plants. Also, it would help if you made any necessary adjustments, such as providing shade for sun-sensitive plants or ensuring adequate ventilation for those requiring good airflow.

Repotting plants.
Do everything in your power to accurately get ready for moving your plants to a new location!

Repot plants

You need to learn how to repot your houseplant after relocation! Therefore, you should prepare the soil or planting medium in advance. Thanks to that, you’ll ensure the soil is well-draining and enriched with nutrients as per your plants’ requirements. And, if your plants will be going into the ground, make sure to clear the area of weeds and debris. Gently remove the plants from their old pots, untangle them, and prune any circling roots. Then, place them in their new containers with the appropriate amount of soil. Repotting allows for better root growth and development, which can help the plants acclimate to their new environment more effectively.

Prune and trim before moving your plants

This process can help you reduce the stress on your green companions during the transition. Therefore, make sure to learn how to prune houseplants a few weeks before relocation. Carefully inspect your plants for any damaged, dead, or overgrown branches, leaves, or stems, and trim them back as needed. This can help you improve the plants’ overall appearance and help them gain the energy and resources required to maintain excessive growth.

Water your plants

Since you are thinking about relocating your plants, you need to learn how to get them ready for relocation. So, apart from pruning, repotting, and trimming, you also have to water your plants. Thanks to that, you’ll allow the soil to be moist but not soggy. While taking care of that, you can let interstate movers handle other moving tasks. For instance, experts can pack the rest of your stuff, ensure a stress-free relocation to another home, and more.

Plants on a table
If you carefully take care of each step, you can expect your plants to arrive at your new home in perfect shape!

Use suitable containers

When preparing your plants for a move, you should invest in sturdy, appropriately sized containers or boxes. Those items provide adequate support and protection for your plants during transport. However, if you are not sure how to pack them properly, consider using packing services. Many residential moving companies include packing in their services. Nevertheless, if you are packing on your own, opt for containers with secure lids or covers to prevent soil spillage and damage to delicate foliage. For potted plants, ensure that the pots are in good condition and have drainage holes to prevent waterlogging during transit. And if your plants are particularly fragile or sensitive, wrap them in soft materials to cushion them further.

Minimize temperature shock

This is a very important aspect of relocating your plants! Since you are taking care of plants, you probably know that sudden exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations can cause stress and damage to your green companions. So, to mitigate this risk, avoid relocating your plants during the hottest or coldest parts of the day.

Follow these tips to move your plants without obstacles

When moving your plants, you need to pay attention to many things. Therefore, take your time to prepare your plants for a move, and then focus on ensuring their safe transfer to a new home. And again, if you are not sure how to help them relocate, feel free to ask professionals to do it for you.

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